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See the 2019-2020 Schedule, Starting August 12, 2019

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Studio News

Fall Break & Halloween
Vineyard Jive will not be holding classes during Utah Valley’s Fall Break (October 17-19, 2019), nor on Halloween (Thursday, October 31, 2019). The months with 5 weeks will offset these days; however, please feel free to attend an appropriate make-up class if you like. We hope you enjoy these days off with family and friends.

2019 Concert Video Footage
Check out sweet video footage of the last concert by clicking HERE.

Studio E-mails
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Trial Class
Not certain that you want to take dance classes? Ask the studio director about a free trial class.

Jive in Concert 2020
Our next dance concert is tenatively scheduled for June 10-13, 2020 at the Covey Center for the Arts. You can find ticket information, rehearsal information, and specific class photo and costume details towards the bottom of this website. Ticket sales begin Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Purchase in person at the Covey Center Box Office (no convenience fee) OR online at (convenience fee) OR call 801.852.7007 (convenience fee).


Studio Owner:
Gina Eady

Studio Director:
Kelsey LeBlanc

Addie Brousseau
Brenna Sanford
Gigi Reynolds
Jamee Kevern
Jaycie Hansen
Kelsey LeBlanc
KJ Mills
Lexi Hansen

Mission Statement

Creating a Phenomenal Experience Through the Art of Dance

Concert Info & Links

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Thrive at Jive

We want all Jive dancers to THRIVE at a Jive studio. Here's how we do it!

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Here are three ways to access and write a Google Review: (1) On a desktop, click HERE to write a Google Review for Vineyard Jive, then choose the Write a Review button. (2) On a mobile device, after clicking the above link, choose Reset search tools, then More places, and then select Jive Dance Studio. (3) On the Google Maps App, simply find and tap on the Vineyard Jive location and then scroll down until you see 5 empty stars, tap the stars to score the place. You can also write a review.


All dancers need to wear appropriate attire for class participation; this includes both dancewear and footwear. It is important that students and parents support the dress code so that the instructor may better evaluate each dancer's movements to help each dancer learn properly.

Dress Code:

Jazz/Hip Hop Class Footwear:
Jazz shoes are required. Flexible sneakers are required upon instructor's request.
Combination Class Footwear:
Ballet shoes or bare feet.
Dancewear (All Classes):
Form-fitting dance clothing (e.g. jazz pants, capris, tights, leotards, tanks). No "school clothes", jeans, jean shorts, or any other restrictive clothing.
Hair (All Classes):
Hair should be pulled back off face.

What is a Jive Studio Like?

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Payment of Tuition

Payment of Tuition

Your timely payment is always appreciated. For your convenience, Vineyard Jive accepts payments in cash, by check, or through PayPal (see below). Tuition is late if it is not paid, postmarked, or hand delivered, by the 9th of each month. After the 9th, a $10 late fee must be included before the end of each month. Please use the following mailing address and make checks payable to: Vineyard Jive, LLC., 1863 West 1730 North, Provo, UT 84604-1182.

NSF Fee (on Returned Checks)

A $15 return check fee applies to all NSF checks. Late charges may also apply depending on the date of proper payment. 

PayPal Option

PayPal amounts are only slightly higher because of fees. Click HERE to access Jive's PayPal option.

Missed Classes

Tuition adjustments will not be made for missed classes; however, attending make-up classes can easily be arranged with your instructor.

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Studio Policies

Registration Policy (Final Month Required)

We do NOT charge any type of registration fee. However, there are many classes with waiting lists; so, Vineyard Jive has a policy that aids in communication when a student needs to discontinue class. When students sign up they are required to pay their final month tuition upfront (similar to paying first and last month's rent). When a student needs to discontinue class, they simply inform their instructor at the beginning of their final month. This communication allows the instructor to replace students from the waiting list in a timely manner.

Waiver Required

Because there are natural physical risks associated with dancing (e.g. muscle pain, joint pain, sprains, broken bones, etc), Jive requires a waiver of risk, privacy notice, and medical & talent release form of every dancer that dances with Vineyard Jive, LLC.

This form is generally distributed and collected on site; however, this form can also be accessed online by clicking HERE.

Discontinuing a Class

Class Pricing & Concert Info Links

Class Pricing

First Trial Class
(Contact the Director for Details)
$29 for 30 Minutes Classes
(Once Per Week)
$49 for 60 Minutes Classes
(Once Per Week)
$88 for 60 Minutes Classes
(Twice Per Week)

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